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Dickies Scrubs


Are you ready to take your hospital to the next level? Let Medical Uniforms coordinate a special group order package for your team. Together we can find a professional look and fit for everyone at your office.
Whether you're a large hospital, small general practice or office,  Medical Uniforms can tailor a group order to fit your needs. We're focused on finding the perfect solution in streamlining your office uniforms

Call us for free consultation

University Hospital San Antonio Payroll Service

For all the University employees we offer Payroll services . Please bring in you payroll form and let us take care of rest.

UT health Employee Vouchers

At Medical Uniforms We proudly offer vouchers services to ALL UT employees . Please contact us today to use your free voucher at our store

Uniform Consultation

Choose from any of our uniforms or let us build a Coordinated Uniform Program for your office/hospital/organization.


(At the store or on-site)
Direct your members to visit one of our two locations or bring  Uniforms to you!

Payment Programs
We want to make uniform buying as easy as possible for you and your group. You can choose to bill to your account, uniform allowances, or payroll deduction.

Individual Packaging
Every order is packaged by each individual. No fuss in determining whose is whose.

Look professional with embroidered uniforms. We also offer digitizing for logo. We can embroider all custom logos on work shirts, jackets, scrubs, and more.

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